consulting services for law firms

Company Profile
GLawBAL Enhancing performance Ltd. was established to provide law firms and other entities with strategic, financial and management consulting services.
Our client`s base includes more the 1,000 law firms, legal departments and other professional service providers.
David Zalmanovitsh, the founder and general manager of the company and the other partners have inter-disciplinary academic background in social science, law, finance and accounting and years of experience both in Israel and abroad.
GLawBAL provides consulting services including business performance analysis, operation planning, organizational structure, risk analysis, budget management and control, strategy and marketing, personnel and work environment management, mergers, acquisition, partnership agreement, arbitrations, mediations, variety of opinions  etc.
As with any business, law firms always seek to improve financial performance, broaden client base, improve work environment and staff management and to minimize risks.
To assist law firms achieve these goals GLawBAL applies methodology based on economics, human resources, marketing and business intelligence.
These methods have been tailored to suit clients working environment typical to each client.
GLawBal helps law firm identify their problems, ask the correct questions and provide solutions in each and every case. In conjunction with each office we define necessary solutions and if requested, also assist in implementation.
To this effect we examine profit margins, professional and administrative organizational structure, work processes at both professional and supporting staff levels, long term annual strategy, sales and marketing, design of financial processes such as budget control, examination of focal points that might be at risk relating to employees, technological systems and knowledge management.
GLawBAL also deals with placement of associates, senior lawyers, partners, legal consultants and managers. Our recruitment department is managed by Mrs. Sagit Bar - Tal who is a partner and also has vast experience both as lawyer and manager of legal departments.